People always talk about will-power when it comes to dieting. How difficult it must be to restrict yourself from your favorite foods. You must prevent yourself over-indulging in that chocolate cake or the 9 oz. sirloin. Everyone knows that will-power is often associated with hunger, yet how come we only discuss will-power when it comes to the hunger for food? How come no one discusses will-power when it comes to dealing with people? People fill a different kind of hunger, one that is innate in every human being; the inescapable feeling of loneliness. The void that you temporarily filled for me but I foolishly believed would be a permanent fix. I am at the brink of starvation, the hand that used to feed me is the same one that shoved itself down my throat and removed all the nutrients while I was in mid-chew. Now everything that I eat tastes stale because of the saltiness that you left in my mouth. It would be so easy for me to send you a text or call you, but this has become a testament to my will-power.I must fight every urge to contact you since you are the one that left me. I don’t know if you are practicing will-power since you have yet to contact me. A part of me cannot believe that you are relying on will-power since you were never good at abstaining from something that you wanted. I gave you the power to do what you thought best, I told you to do what you will, meanwhile my will was for us to power through and the reality is that I was powerless and now I am alone with my will-power.

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