The Parrot, The Monkey, and The Mirror

Everyday Parrot would fly down from his tree to visit the massive mirror that remained underneath it. Today was no different. He woke up, groomed his feathers and swerved down to the mirror. However, to his surprise, a monkey was examining the mirror. Frustrated, Parrot flew faster to confront the scoundrel, for the mirror clearly belonged to Parrot. No one else in the jungle ever came to look at it.

“What are you doing?” Parrot scolded, “Leave my mirror alone before you ruin it!

His commands were met by silence and his irritation increased, “Hey are you listening to me?

Huh?” Monkey asked surprised, he was much too absorbed with the mirror, but Parrot’s squawks helped Monkey’s mind return to reality.

Your mirror? Oh no, that can’t be right. The mirror is clearly mine! It is made for a monkey, it shows countless of bananas. What would a Parrot want to do with all these bananas? You must have mistaken this for another mirror. Go on, shoo.” Monkey said as he waved Parrot away.

Bananas?! This mirror contains no bananas!” Parrot exclaimed as he maneuvered around Monkey to be in front of the mirror. He was certain that there were no bananas and he looked into the mirror to confirm it. “See? All the mirror shows is seeds and worms, there is not a single banana in sight.”

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, Monkey and Parrot scurried away from the mirror and climbed high onto the tree. The shaking intensified and the mirror began to wobble.  In a matter of seconds, the mirror collapsed and shattered into millions of pieces as Monkey and Parrot watched in horror. The earthquake died out just as quickly as it had started. Once they knew it was safe to return to the ground, Parrot and Monkey ran to the mirror.

My mirror! Oh no!” Parrot cried. He stared at the millions of pieces of glass and saw his reflection in them.“That’s it! Reflections!

He suddenly became eager due to his realization that the mirror simply reflected what was in front of it. This being the case, all the worms and seeds that he saw before must be right behind him. He turned around excitedly, but to his dismay there was nothing but a tree trunk.

Monkey who had also drawn the same conclusion, and reached the same disappointment when thoughts proved to be false said, “Fancy that. The mirror belonged to neither of us, yet it showed us exactly what we wanted to see.

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