Replace – (i) to take place of.

(ii) to fill the role of (someone or something) with a substitute.

I am not a replacement, nor are you. We are not merely fillers that will occupy a space that was once held by someone else. See, the problem with being a replacement is that, as a replacement, you are merely re-creating memories or feelings that occurred prior. You are not adding substance, and therefore you are not cementing yourself within that person’s life. As a replacement, you are simply glazing over and smoothing out the bumps by someone else. Our purpose should be to sink within those bumps and fill them ourselves. People all have their own pasts and I am fine with that, in fact I embrace that because the past is what will lead them to you. However, I am not trying to replicate something that once was. I am trying to give you a new feeling, one that may remind you of a feeling you once had, but it is in no way the same. I am not here to replace your old friend, your ex-girlfriend, or your long lost acquaintance. Those memories and feelings should remain with the person; we should have recollections that only pertain to a singular individual. It is an injustice to attempt to replicate those events with another being because you will be reducing that other person to an agenda. I am here to conjure up a new feeling that you thought you knew but is now re-invented. If you think I am here simply to fill a void left behind by someone else, honey, you have another thing coming for you. I will come in like a storm and surprise you, I will rattle and shake you up, I will have you beg for mercy because this is not what you expected, this is not how “so and so” used to behave. Yet after the storm, you will notice that there is now a new mark, and you will never be able to return to the person you once were. For I am not a substitute for former feelings, I am your teacher and your new lesson is approaching.

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