10:48 PM

Love supposedly has no boundaries, yet many people jump at the opportunity to tell you who to love and how to love them. Now, they may have good intentions, and believe that they have your best interests, but they should not criticize who you love. I understand that people look out for one another and that there are circumstances in which an unbiased eye is needed, but unfortunately, ignorance is often the culprit. What if your partner is everything in your wildest dreams and more? What if they treat you incredibly and make you feel emotions that you believed to have drowned out of your system? What if your partner is everything that YOU want and the reason for outside interference is simply ignorance? Even though that person is what you want, that person is not who the world envisioned you with. Yes, this might not be the life that you pictured for me, but I have news for you, the beautiful thing about life is that it is mercurial. Nothing goes as planned, you are asked to remain constantly on your toes. Ignorance is an enemy that destroys you before you can bat an eye. I am constantly being told by my eager advisers that I do not know as much as they do, which may be right, despite their ignorance in this particular area. Yet, there is one thing that I know for certain. Those with blind eyes feverishly attempt to recruit others to accompany them in their darkness, but the world is way too beautiful to lose its light.

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  1. mathdelimoux

    Indeed you don’t know as much as them. But nobody, better than you, can know what you need, can know what you like, can know the meaning of YOUR life.

    Be free, be you, be unique.

    From somebody who tries to be free.

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