Dear Society

I am not a muse for you, not an inspiration for your lyrical ballads or harmonious hymns.

I am not the Sun that will shine eternally bright for you.

I am not your sweetie, in fact the very name makes me quite sour.

I am not your Juliet,the thought of it makes me want to place a dagger in my chest.

I am not a damsel in distress, so you may retire your armor.

I am not “cool for a girl,” in fact, that comment is rather uncool.

I am not your sexual object, I object to the very notion.

I am not your golden trophy to be displayed because I have been placed in the rain and I find that I do rust.

I am not your princess because I am already a queen of my own territory, dear prince.

I am not restricted by society’s political agenda, so forgive me if I fail to affirm your stereotypes and ideals.

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