Hello Stranger, I seem to have caught your stare, please come inside. There is something about you, I cannot bare the distance between us. Something is pulling me in. It seems that you have your own gravitational pull. Here I thought the Earth orbited around the Sun, but it appears that I find my world revolving around you. This feeling frightens me. This feeling, that I, an independent woman, am dependent on you. Without you, I would be a little less of me. I suppose that means that there is a piece of me in you, as well as a piece of you in me, maybe that is why I am so drawn to you, our pieces have their own magnetic pulls.

“Well, you aren’t doing anything, and I am not doing anything, so we should hang out one day.”

Hello Friend, I seem to have become too close to you, oh what a pleasure to have you over again. But this is how best friends are supposed to be. It must only feel like this because you are you and I am me, and you being you means that you are a man, and me being me means that I am a woman. Yet a guy and a girl can be just friends. We have spoken about this, we are just friends, nothing more. It’s the people around us who do not understand, but we get it, and that’s all that matters right?

“I mean, I am sure that we have flirted with one another at some point, but that doesn’t mean anything.”

Hello Crush, I seem to have fallen for you, please make yourself at home. I can honestly say that this was not my intention, but now that it has happened I have the intention to pursue you. I am afraid, pursuing these feelings may cause me to lose the best friend that I have ever had. Maybe I am mistaking the closeness in our friendship and the bond that we share for something more. I yearn to be closer to you, to be within your presence. I get butterflies before I am going to see you, I find myself wanting to impress you. I always knew that you would be in my life forever, but now I find myself wanting you to fill a different position. I have made a game to determine whether I should act upon these feelings. I over analyze your actions and determine if they are simple acts of friendship or if there is a deeper meaning to them. I have tallied the score.

“I wrote you a letter.”

Hello Lover, it seems that I am in love, oh, you know that this is now your home. I have loved you for a while, but I denied myself from being in love with you because I didn’t want to destroy the best relationship I have ever had. I thought I experienced love before you, but the intensity of my feelings for you have proved that was not the case. You were always right under my nose but I was unable to detect your scent, yet now that I have, you have become my favorite fragrance. I am intoxicated by it, by you, by our love.

“I always loved you, but now this is a new love.”

Hello Josh, welcome to my heart. It may be a bit shabby due to its prior residents, but I have seen what you can do, and I have no doubt that you and I can turn it into a lovely little home because you have the rent that the others lacked: love.

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