7:15 PM

What goes up, must come down, that is what gravity teaches us. If I were to jump in the air, I have the reassurance that my jump will conclude with me returning to the ground rather than remaining indefinitely in the air. Yet even though gravity teaches us this mantra, we find ourselves bewildered when we reach a low point in our lives. Do we, as human beings, find ourselves immune to the laws of the universe? Gravity is a force that applies to us in every way imaginable, so why not apply its philosophy to our emotional state? If we view happiness as an “up” and sadness as a “down,” then it all makes sense. Feelings are temporary, in fact, they are fickle. Sometimes we are able to regulate them, but often our feelings are out of our control. There is no such thing as being permanently happy, there will always be an “off-day.” Emotions are what make us humans, yet we tend to shun a majority of them. We seek eternal happiness, but even within happiness there are different feelings. Euphoria. Joy. I am happy joyful when I see a laughing baby, but I am also happy euphoric when he looks at me. If I were to be permanently happy, I would not be able to experience the complex states associated with being happy, rather I would simply be content. Just as there are different levels of happiness, there are various ways to experience sadness, and we unfortunately need to encounter them. Sadness allows us time for reflection, and appreciation. As the saying goes, what goes up, must come down. We need to live through our sadness to have a chance at having happiness again. Yet, we must also take note of what this saying fails to mention. For an object being to come up, it must have started from below, and that is the gravitational force of emotions. What goes up, must come down, but there is no mention as to how quickly something someone can rise again.

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