The Conquest of the Heart

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Two roads unfold,

Unable to take both, I must decide:

Should I be bold?

Or stick with the routine that is becoming old?

All I know is that either way will be one hell of a ride.

Of course one will make a better story,

But then I rethink,

To what extent would I go for glory?

Enough to turn myself into the quarry?

These thoughts embed and sink.

On the other hand,

The second path has been taken before,

It is beginning to become bland,

And I think it’s time for me to expand.

I think it’s time for my heart to be shown more.

I do not wear my heart on my sleeve.

It is covered by many jackets,

However, it’s time for them to leave,

This I truly believe

It’s time to break these habits.

Oh, I don’t want to face pain,

But if I don’t speak, my heart will remain mute.

I could lose everything I want to gain,

If these thoughts continue to retain

I am better off with the first route.

There is no longer a reason for me to lie.

My heart will learn to speak.

For once this heart won’t be shy

Because these feelings will not die.

My soul is becoming weak.

I am proud to say that I went the first way,

Regardless if it made a better tale,

It actually led to my doomsday.

Yet to your dismay,

I’d do it again, for it was not a fail.

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