What His Eyes Tell Her When Hers Arise

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Oh, well, it looks like we meet again,

Your presence marks the feeling of acid rain.

I love you,

But when you become like this, I don’t know what to do.

As if your lips are too occupied with some forbidden fruit.

There it is, that stare.

The one that I cannot bear.

What are you thinking?

The time is ticking.

Please confess

And press

Your words onto me.

Listen to my one plea.

I have memorized every part of you.

Which is why this is so difficult for me to get through

This. The thoughts occurring in your head

Are unknown to me, and that I dread.

Break this silence to

Silence my worries. Let me see your view.

Imprint your words onto me like a tattoo,

I am your canvas simply waiting for you.

Etch every slur for me to remember.

So I can run my fingers through the marks when you become a member

Of the mute once again.

Yes, the words may cause pain.

But your quietness is a far greater torture.

I am becoming a vulture.

Greedy in wanting to pry you open.

So I can mend you once you are broken.

You are a repeat offender.

At times I want to surrender

To this burke,

As you kill me softly with little work.

Yes, you have a right to remain silent,

But your silence is violent.

I tell you all this as your eyes

Accidentally rise

From looking down

Please keep your voice around.

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