The Mermaid’s Anchor

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See baby, you became the worst accomplice,

Every time you were around

I would accomplish less.

You ran my ship aground.

I thought the air was windless,

But you, my anchor, was the one harboring me.

And despite my several attempts of trying to raise you with the windlass,

I could not move and began to harbor resentment towards thee.

An anchor, relied for stability.

Yet you abused this privilege and planted yourself in the recesses of the sea,

Preventing my ability

To cast my sails and be free.

People often view the anchor chained to the ship,

But it is the ship who remains shackled

While the anchor gets to have a relationship

With the depths of the sea, unshackled.

Although I could not explore the ocean,

I was drowning

As I was forced to watch the sea-tide’s motion.

Drowning even though the ocean was surrounding


You were not happy with me sailing above you,

So you attempted to drag me to the ocean’s abyss.

Enchanting me with the ocean’s beautiful blue,

Yet, to your dismay, I continued to resist.

And that is how I found myself lost at sea,

With an anchor that refused to budge.

Admiring how all the seagulls were able to flee

From this God forsaken ship that would not even nudge.

As I remained at a standstill,

I realized that it was the ocean who I adored,

Not the anchor whose will

Was for me to forever remain aboard

This ship.

And so I abandoned ship and

Dove into the ocean’s trenches

Finding myself stunned

How the ocean embraced me without a question.

I found myself glad that I strayed

From the comfort of the (relation)ship and dived

Into the endless ocean that I was once deprived.

Otherwise I would have never discovered that I am a dazzling mermaid.

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