When You Can Taste Your Dreams

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Have you ever been so close to something that you could almost taste


Yet fear begins to strike as you find that your memory has gone to waste,

You can no longer remember if the taste that you are reaching for is a bit

Different than the one you so desperately crave.

What if it is not sweet, but bitter?

All this time you thought that you would savor the flavor,

Yet as you bring the fork closer to your mouth, a shiver

Is sent down your spine. This flavor may not be the saver

Of your starved taste-buds.

Suddenly, you find yourself no longer hungry,

Even though your stomach is certainly empty

Because you realize that no matter how hard you try

You will never find that exact taste that you have imagined plenty.

Just because it may taste less than what you envisioned, it will not be tasteless.

And as I dish these words,

You will realize that you earned your serving

And you will swallow down your concern,

Bitter or sweet, you are deserving

of a taste from what you have been cooking.


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