What if Icarus Had a Son?

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If Icarus has a son, would he still be fascinated by the sun?

Yet Icarus was the son of Daedalus, who warned his son to steer clear of the sun.

She looks up at the morning sun

Forgetting her mourning son

Standing behind her. Heaven

Must be this way she thinks.

The thought of losing her places him in hell.

Suddenly she is soaring,

Finding herself closer to the warmth of

The comforting sun,

But who will stay behind

To comfort her son?

In the skies she comes across Icarus.

He too is eager to reach the sun.

But it is not his time,

His wings are made of springs

While her wings had sprung.

The burning of his desire

Is echoed by his wings – caught on fire.

She watches as he plummets

Down to the Earth and remembers

The son that she once revolved around.

As she comes closer to the sunrise,

She realizes that she will never again see her son rise.

Sadness engulfs her like a black hole.

She did not plan it.

He is the planet that she will forever inhabit.

This is what she tells herself

To launch the guilt away.

The truth is that she is tired.

It is not the warmth of the sun that

entices her, but it is the destruction of her.

She is not Icarus,

She wants to be set into

Flames, that will one day

Turn into a star

Shining bright for her star

Of a son. Yet how can her becoming

a constellation be any consolation

To him? How can she leave him

behind and remove his solar system’s


She is tired of being a sun.

She is on the brink of combustion

But the thought of leaving her son

Pushes her closer to the

Earth’s orbit.

Caught between the sun and her son.

On the verge of death with sunlight

seeping through the darkness,

She chose her son.

Or was it the sun?

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