Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Guts

I hate hardcover books.

I especially hate hard cover books with sleeves because I have to remove them to preserve them.

I especially especially hate when a series that I own does not have the same format. It must be all paperback, or all hardcover.

My first volume of Wonder Woman is paperback. This volume is hardcover.

I went against my morals because I could not wait.


Hermes, Lennox, and Diana enlist Eros to help them find his father, Hephaestus. Our buddy Hep is actually the creator of Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. Needless to say, Wonder Woman asks him to create weapons for her that she could use to defeat Hades. Through their encounter, we learn that all the male Amazon children work for Hep. Apparently, thrice a century, Amazons go on raids and mate with men. However, just like a female praying mantis, these women kill men after sex. The “failures” of this raid (the babies that are males) are traded to Hep for weapons [Oh, the capitalism!]

After hearing this, Wonder Woman is overwhelmed by justice and attempts to free the male Amazons, yet they inform her that Hep is their savior and that they would be dead without him.

She enters hell with Hermes. Hell is based on Hades’ imagination; he uses the souls there to create the landscape [is it bad that I find that cool?]. In exchange for Zola, Hades asks Wonder Woman for Eros’ guns.

Wonder Woman is too smart to give her weapon to Hades.

Wonder Woman is too smart to make another deal with Hades.

Wonder Woman is not smart.

She gives Hades the gun and he [shockingly] shoots her with it. Zola and Hermes leave while Wonder Woman remains in hell and is forced to marry Hades, her uncle [because you know, it is mythology]. A maiden tends to Wonder Woman and it is revealed that she is Persephone, Hades’ first wife, who is eternally trapped [an interesting twist on the tale].

Outside of hell, we learn that Hep is married to Aphrodite [did not see that coming]:

At their wedding, Hades provides Wonder Woman with a ring [how romantic], made out of her lasso of truth [even more romantic]. But the ring is a noose. Wonder Woman must place her head in between and answer truthfully whether she loves Hades. If she lies, she will hang.

She manages to tell the truth because she apparently loves everyone and is able to escape [a cheap ploy in my opinion, not to mention impossible]:

IMG_1165 [5886439]

Turns out, Eros’ pistols make people fall in love, yet Hades is unable to make others fall in love because he does not love himself. Hep gives Hades a mirror as a wedding gift [just because the marriage didn’t occur doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy gifts]. While looking at the mirror, Wonder Woman shoots Hades with Eros’ pistol and it is ambiguous whether it is deflected or passes through. Either way, you end up feeling a bit sorry for Hell, even though he kidnapped Zola and Wonder Woman, and uses souls to construct his world, and keeps Persephone prisoner, but hey, we all have our faults.

Zola is rescued which means she must be kidnapped again.

Enter Artemis and Demeter, who’s images I really love:

IMG_1166 [5886440]

Hera makes a deal with Apollo who works with Artemis. Apollo is promised Zeus’ throne if he kidnaps Zola and brings her to Hera [and this is exactly what occurs]. Wonder Woman and Hermes rescue Zola once again under one condition: If Zola’s child is the one that is prophesied to murder for the throne, he must be slain by Wonder Woman [pretty much telling us that this will most likely be the case, because when is it not?] In the midst of this, Hera is exiled onto Earth and becomes mortal while Zola begins labor.

The baby is born, so kidnapping Zola is no longer advantageous to the plot. Yet kidnapping the baby, that can still be done. Hermes betrays Zola and brings the child to Demeter.

As with the first volume, this volume oozes mythology, done in a very unique way. The Hades story arc has become one of my favorite tales concerning Hades. Yet I am still disappointed over Wonder Woman’s Barney “I love you”attitude. The drawing style of the gods continues to captivate me and the plot continues to thicken. Unlike the first volume, the title is not repeatedly directed at you and is done more subtlety. Having Apollo take over the throne and banish Hera is an interesting move, as well as having Hermes work with Demeter. As of now, his intentions are unknown, but that is what makes us want to read volume 3!

Rating: ★★★★★

Favorite Quote(s):

IMG_1161 [5886437]

IMG_1164 [5886438]
“There isn’t space in hell for love. It’s too cluttered . . . with memories and regrets”

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