The First Kiss

The magical moment of a first kiss is a memory that will most likely last longer than the relationship it entailed. A combination of butterflies floating in your stomach along with the sparks of your lips meeting; at least that is what you believe you feel until you kiss another. I was in the park with my soon to be boyfriend, soon to be ex-boyfriend, sitting on the bleachers chatting and watching two dogs roam through the green fields. We decided that we wanted to have a romantic walk through the bicycle trail so I began to step down the bleachers, until he stopped me and I was facing him directly one bleacher below him. The moment I so desperately dreaded finally arrived and our lips touched. Then I felt it, I was falling for him, and I realized this as I began to leave the bleachers. Now let me make this clearer using better words, I plummeted, tumbled, and literally fell off of the bleachers. It seems that the bleachers gave me the feelings of a first kiss more than my actual first kiss gave me. The embarrassment caused me to become flustered and red in the face; not to mention the scraps on my knees felt like sparks. However, being a typical teenage boy, he interpreted that my reaction was simply due to his lips, therefore he could not stop himself from chuckling, “You are really falling for me.” My first kiss itself would simply be unforgettable if that fall did not happen, and the universe most likely took pity and caused the fall to happen so that I would be able to experience the true feelings of a first kiss.

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