The Vow

Today I went to Strand, and as this picture that captures me in my natural habitat shows, I got quite a few books.

I then went to a comic store and got quite a few comics.

I then vowed to myself that I would not buy a new book until I have read all the books that I own (I have a bad habit of buying new books before reading my other books and they then become forgotten place-holders on my shelf).

Unfortunately this means that even though some of my books are part of a series, I will not be able to continue it before everything else is done.

This post is meant to keep this vow in writing so that I am physically bound to it, of course if I do become weak I can always delete this post and claim it never happened but I like to think that I will be stronger than that.

Excited to soon be able to say that I have read every book that I own!


  1. tehkelsey

    Good luck keeping your vow! I always aim to read all the new books I buy, and then get excited for something else and give up and read whatever.
    Maybe stay away from Strand for a while… it’s a dangerous place to be near.

    1. thatgirland

      Thank you! I know the struggle, there are just so many books out there that it really becomes tempting. I try to only let myself venture to Strand once a year because of its dangers!

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