Today’s Finds


For an early birthday gift, my boyfriend bought me this beautiful, beautiful mug that depicts famous writers as superheroes along with the nifty little key chain!

As for myself, the purchase was much larger:


To aid in my thesis as well as feed my inner comic studies enthusiast: Reinventing Comics, Comic Book History of Comics (C’mon it is a comic book that discusses the history of comic books! Meta-fiction at its prime!), and The Rise of the Graphic Novel. I also had to buy a print of the classic authors rendered as superheroes (this was before I knew that he bought me a mug, but now I have somewhat of a set).

To feed my inner feminist and gender studies fanatic: Enlightened Sexism, a Rosie the Riveter tote and a matching pencil/makeup case (who am I kidding? It will definitely become a pencil case filled with items that do not belong in there).


I also purchased a few pins to decorate my newly acquired tote.

I then found myself at Forbidden Planet and purchased #1, #3, and #5 of Spider-Woman. I found #2, and #4 at St. Marks’ Comics.


Purchases that satisfy both my areas of interest: comics and gender studies. I am curious to see how pregnancy will be depicted in the series.


I stumbled across DC Bombshell pins and I had to buy my favorites to decorate my tote as well.

All in all, today’s finds were super great for me, yet not so great for my wallet.

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