A Seasonal Love

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In the blooming of the spring,

We think that our romance is budding.

You, my lamb, splash and frolic

In the puddles.

And as you splash,

It pours down here for me.

Scurrying to protect my flames.

We are falling apart.

In the winter I try to rekindle

These flames. You are shaking.

I need to provide you with warmth.

I need to thaw out your heart.

You say that the winter is to harsh,

Which is why you visit me here.

Surrounded by flames,

Your iciness only doubles.

In the seasons apart,

I wonder if I am being selfish.

Is it wrong for me to wish that you

May march around here as you did in April?

I let you rise once again,

Watching you ripen, and fall in

Love. Since when did

Beauty become so painful?

You have created a heaven in my hell,

Yet I have turned your haven into hell.

I try to let you bloom

But my thoughts only loom to you.

Your smile springs my desire –

I only want you more.

Yet in winter, you fade away.

The rosiness of your cheeks

Are no more – despite the warmth

of hell’s floor.

Our love matches the seasons,

It is only until my passing that

You can flourish –

Fall is my eternal kiss,

Desperately attempting to

Hold you close until you

Become reborn –

Your newborn, vibrant self.

I, in agony,

Wish I had the proper matches

To set a spark that would

Ignite the flames that you ignite in me.

I am used to hell’s flames,

Yet somehow,

Your seasonal frigidity

Gives me third degree.

Like Hades and Persephone:

In the winter, he went with her

To hell. And in the spring, he’ll

Let her spring free.

For the flames of a hellfire

Are eternal – never to be put out,

Only to be reborn each spring.

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