On to the Next One: Saga


Now that I have finished Wonder Woman, well Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s story, I can devote my interest to another series, Saga. This series is one that I often stopped upon as I browsed through the shelves in Barnes and Noble tempting myself and taking notes of my “To-Reads.” I was with my boyfriend and we were going through our typical routine, heading straight upstairs to the comics and graphic novel section, and I began telling him how much I have heard about this series, but I was torn because I did not want to start a new series before finishing all of my other ones. Now this is not because I cannot invest my time into different books at once, I have been trained to do this and I am convinced that I am genetically programmed to do this as well. Instead, I need to have and usually own the physical copy. I don’t like to begin a new series because it adds onto the volumes that I have to collect which lessens the amount in my bank account as well as my already incredibly limited shelf space. As my birthday was approaching, my boyfriend gifted me these 5 volumes. I read the first two immediately and became hooked, but all the craziness due to mid-semester as well as preparing for my sister’s bridal shower caused me to place Saga on the back burner. Seeing that I am done with the spring semester and have a minor break until the summer semester starts, I am going to re-read the first two volumes as well as the rest that I own. I am fully aware that I do not own the entire series and that it is still being produced, but remaining on a cliffhanger is a consequence that I am willing to take because I am dying to find out what happens after Volume 2.

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