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Nowadays the newest trend is filming

Our kind acts, allowing us to continue fulfilling

And further placing the emphasis on the “I” in giving,

Making us forget that it is better to give

Than to receive.

These moments that are meant to capture our hearts

Are now being captured by an electronic force

So that it may be uploaded, shared, and reposted –

“Nothing feels better than helping those in need,” the caption boasted.

I question these intentions – are we helping one another?

Or are we benefiting from others?

Exploiting those in need

When we perform a good deed.

How could a selfless action transform into something so selfish?

I was taught that our fingerprints do not fade from the lives we touch

But now with a single touch

a moment becomes an eternity

All while we lose touch

with our humanity.

The reality is that good deeds

Have become a way to fuel our egotistical needs.

People disguising themselves as do-gooders

only doing good for the likers and rebloggers.

We are greedy by nature

But we should be attempting to rectify such behavior.

There is no wonder why we salute Scrooge and the Grinch,

He who removed himself from greed –

Yet each day we inch

closer to the green

and further



The only heart growing three sizes

is the one that we double tap.


That should be the way.

Because when you combine giving and receiving,

you are left with grieving.

A pitiful truism.

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