Outcast Vol. 2 A Vast and Unending Ruin

Hoping to find answers? Well, it certainly won’t happen in this volume. The revelations that Kyle experiences in this volume are not really revelations.

In volume one Kyle is on the quest for answers. In volume two, Kyle remains on the quest for answers. The devil warns the Reverend that they are getting too close. Too close to what you ask? Apparently too close for more questions and less answers because that is all the volume provides.

The volume mainly focuses on the Reverend’s concern that there are other unsuccessful exorcisms from his work, resulting in him and Kyle hunting them down. Kyle realizes that one man is still possessed, so naturally he wants to remove the demon. However, the Reverend stops him, only for him to encourage Kyle to hit a woman possessed by a demon. Kyle refuses to strike her and learns that he doesn’t have to beat the shit out of someone to remove a demon – which is Demon Hunting 101 in my opinion. A demon takes over the soul, therefore causing harm to the body technically does not harm the demon. Kyle learns that it is something . . . something about himself that causes harm to the demons *gasp*

I mean . . . really? He had to wait for multiple possessions and attempted exorcisms, as well as constant demons claiming to know who he is to put that together? This is the big revelation? Not even an answer to why it is him . . . just that there is something about him?

Kyle visits his wife and we learn that she has no idea why he beat her and his daughter. She yells at him while simultaneously telling him that she misses him and then proceeds to make out with him. She then pulls away and threatens to call the police . . .


His daughter approaches him with open arms and questions him about his absence. She asks him if he left because “mommy was scary.” Clearly, she remembers her mother’s possession. Later that night, Megan is possessed by a demon and her husband seeks help from Kyle. Finally, the plot begins to advance. . .

only for the comic to end as Kyle vows to gain answers to make sure that this does not ever happen again. His sister remains possessed to entice readers to buy volume 3. Once again, the volume seemed to be lacking. Lacking answers. Lacking Kirkman’s style. Lacking character dynamics. Lacking spontaneity. Lacking, dare I say it, creativity?

Mother was harmed by a demon. This marked the beginning of several encounters. Reluctantly goes on a quest for answers, helping others in the process. Tries to make a life with the woman he loves but is unable to escape the darkness. Becomes a hero but struggles with moral ethics. Befriends a holy person despite a rough beginning.

Now not all of this has happened in Outcast, but I am fairly certain that this is the route that it will be going, call it a hunch.

Yet I still found the volume enjoyable because who does not like a tale of demons? Although the plot is one that I am a tad familiar with, it is one that keeps me entertained. The momentum has certainly increased from volume one, but I am hoping that I do not have to constantly sacrifice 100 pages of my time to conjure up 5 worthwhile pages. Get it? It’s a pun on the whole demon thing. Oh . . . it’s not funny? I suppose only Kirkman possesses the ability to make use of constant tropes.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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