Outcast Vol. 3 This Little Light

When someone is possessed the demon will use that person’s likeliness to fool their loved ones. When Megan is possessed the demon attempts to lure her husband, and this, of course, works. Mark rushes over to Megan, believing that she is being harmed by Kyle. However, as soon as he walks over, Megan WHO IS POSSESSED lunges at him. Through the confrontation, Mark plummets through the window.

Instead of rushing to his aid, Kyle and the Reverend stay with Megan and remove the demon. Mark remains outside the window, in what I assume is excruciating pain all while his daughter is left unattended in another home . .  . because that is not asking for trouble. This allows Sidney, the devil, to find her.

The cops arrive to the scene and investigate. It is not until their arrival that someone realizes that Mark and Megan’s daughter is nowhere to be found. The Reverend and Kyle find her talking with Sidney. Upon seeing him, the Reverend submits to a wave of rage and attacks Sidney. This backfires as the cops are right there and Sidney is the devil in disguise – who presses charges.

The Reverend is arrested. Megan visits the hospital to check on Mark, who may never walk again. Kyle also visits and during this time he tells Megan the truth about the incident, allowing her to piece Kyle’s entire life together. As the two of them are discussing what happened between Kyle and his wife, she walks in on their discussion. Kyle uses this as an opportunity to tell her the truth, and warn her that whatever he has, his daughter has as well but she becomes furious, calls him crazy, and storms off.

Kyle goes on another mission and fails miserably, yet at the exact moment of his failure, the Reverend arrives to assist him. What a coincidence that he got released the same day and arrived on the scene in the nick of time. The two discover that when individuals are newly possessed, their five senses are sensitive.

Mark and Megan return home and Mark, naturally, has a difficult time transitioning and feeling safe around his wife. Allison questions her and Kyle’s daughter about what happened the night that Kyle was last with them and she confirms Kyle’s story. Kyle gets kidnapped by Sidney.

Now this is an origin story. In my opinion, the first two volumes do not need to exist as they build little suspense and fail to advance the plot. On the other hand, this volume contains enough action to garner a reader’s interest while simultaneously planting little plot seeds that raise interest and can clearly be expanded. It has substance. We still don’t know exactly what it is about Kyle that forms his title of the “outcast” but there is finally a hint of progression. To be three volumes in and to have so little information seems a bit outlandish – and this is coming from someone who once owned 40 volumes of Bleach, and the story was still nowhere near its end. The point is that the reader must be rewarded. Upon reading, I should receive a small token of gratitude: Thank you for reading my book, the story progression may be slow but here is some information, other than what is on the back cover’s blurb. I feel like volume 3 marks the true beginning of the series because I now find myself eager to continue. I do hope that I am right because if I wanted fluff I would just turn my attention to the American Naruto, pre-shippuden, pro-fillers.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Favorite Quote:


Hmm, a hint of an ambiguous moral scale? Can’t say I saw that coming.  . .

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