The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol.1: Squirrel Power

Squirrel Power but you will never discover in this volume how Squirrel Girl actually got her powers. This is NUT an origin story.  (Oh, I’m sorry, do you hate puns? If so, this comic is NUT for you. No, seriously, they constantly use nut puns). Rather, this volume serves as a test to see if Squirrel Girl can exist among the heavy-hitters found in the Marvel cannon.

This series begins with Squirrel Girl adjusting to her clever alias, Doreen Green. At the bottom of each page, North provides a commentary that often pokes fun at the comic itself.

Some of the bit humorous commentary.

Yet sometimes the commentary verges on cringe-worthy. I am talking about that one parent that wants to bond with their child over their new interest, and by doing so, the parent only reveals how little they actually know about the topic. But it was kind of neat to find a secret note on the bottom of each page.

When Squirrel Girl first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #8: Winter Special, she was a bit . . . *drum roll* goofy. What? Were you anticipating on me using the word “nutty?” Every part of me wanted to, but my dignity stopped me because I had flashbacks of:


Mr. Woodchuck and his “Woooooooood” puns. Anyway, the entire comic pays homage to Squirrel Girl’s initial appearance and personality. This superhero comic does not focus on epic battles or sinister villains. In fact, most of the villains develop the comic’s humor. That is because Squirrel Girl is not on the same level as her other Marvel companions, she is a different kind of hero. She is not glamorized, nor is she sexualized. She does not have a villain of her own, and her powers are quite unimpressive if you think about it. But if you think she cannot hold her weight when thrown into the ring against major Marvel titles then you are certainly nuts! (No, it’s okay, you can keep the dignity that I just handed to you, it clearly had no value for me).

Squirrel Girl is enjoying her time in the limelight and her comic allows her readers to as well. Our heroes do not need to be so rigid and fleshed out. Instead, they can just be like us: someone who would totally geek out if they ever met Iron-Man in person.

Although I poked fun at North’s constant use of puns and bottom page commentary, he has created a signature for Squirrel Girl: a hero who is hyperaware of who she is. It also created a certain charm. Henderson’s style paired greatly with this and further developed Squirrel Girl’s allure. Although I was expecting something similar to Ms. Marvel (humorous modernity combined with classic superheroes) when I first began reading, it was Squirrel Girl‘s simplicity that drew me in. If North and Henderson continue with this, there is no denying that Squirrel Girl will remain unbeatable.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Favorite Quote:

Squirrel Girl
A perfectly normal response to your friend revealing who you have a crush on.


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