The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol.2: Squirrel You Know It’s True

Who is Squirrel Girl? The question that plagued comic readers’ minds as they scanned through the shelves looking for the newest edition for their collection – and the question that lingers through this volume’s first batch of hostages. You know when you are among a group of people who all know a disturbingly lot of information about a certain subject? And you, as the intellectual you are, agree with everything they are saying – hoping and praying that no one will discover the sham that you are? Yeah, welcome to volume 2. Found once again in a hostage situation, Nancy anticipates Squirrel Girl’s rescue. In the meantime, she is subjected to several tales of Squirrel Girl told by common liars.

If you are not familiar with Squirrel Girl, the initial tale appears as if it may be credible, since the drawing style changes to reflect comics of the 1950s. Yet the image of Bass Lass quickly thwarts this notion. This bit is humorous as the hostages continue to go back and forth sharing their version of Squirrel Girl, with one of them once again mirroring Spider-Man. Either North secretly wanted to write for Spider-Man and continues to express this passive-aggressively through Squirrel Girl, or he is a mega-fan.

Preach Hippo Man. Preach.

One thing that I love about the series is how meta it is. Later on, Squirrel Girl attempts to stop Hippo Man from robbing a bank. Yet he expresses the difficulty of being half hippo, half man and having an affordable lifestyle. Who would hire someone with his appearance? Without being hired, how could he support his 90 pound diet? Squirrel Girl gets it. Squirrel Girl finds him a side hustle – demolition. In addition to poking fun at some villain’s ridiculous appearance, North also mocks the lame disguises found in superhero comics. Nancy is easily able to identify Chipmunk Hunk through his domino mask, as well as imply that Squirrel Girl’s disguise is not any better. I mean, removing a headband and wearing different earrings does not alter your appearance??

Wait, so does this mean that these two men are the same person?

The main villain this volume is Ratatoskr, and although this is someone who once again belongs to a different superhero, this villain fits perfectly in the Squirrel Girl franchise. Ratatoskr is a squirrel that delivers chaos through poking at others’ insecurities and inciting their rage. In order to take down Ratatoskr, Squirrel Girl, Nancy, Koi Boi, and Chipmunk Hunk team up with Thor, Odinson (a.k.a Thor without a hammer), and Loki (who mainly operates as Cat Thor). What could have been an epic battle, if you were to disregard Loki’s giant cat head, is quickly solved through the use of ear plugs.

tumblr_np8letKioS1rsus6so1_500In this volume, I knew what to expect. Squirrel Girl is not a hero that relies on massive showdowns. At the same time, she is also not the hero that makes her readers question: Why did she allow herself to have her mind controlled when she could have just worn ear plugs? We often have heroes that, despite their colossal strength and powers, lack common sense. You will never find Squirrel Girl on the list of Top 10 Superhero Battles that Could Have Been Avoided Through Simple Solutions. North is very clear on who Squirrel Girl is, and what she is not. Squirrel Girl sets an example for her readers, she does not take the events around her seriously, and neither should we.  From the countless puns, to the ample meta-moments,  Squirrel Girl remains relatable to her readers and there will never be acorn-y moment.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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