The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol.2: Squirrel You Know It’s True

Who is Squirrel Girl? The question that plagued comic readers’ minds as they scanned through the shelves looking for the newest edition for their collection – and the question that lingers through this volume’s first batch of hostages. You know when you are among a group of people who all know a disturbingly lot of information about a certain subject? And you, as the intellectual you are, agree with everything they are saying – hoping and praying that no one will discover the sham that you are? Yeah, welcome to volume 2. Found once again in a hostage situation, Nancy anticipates Squirrel Girl’s rescue. In the meantime, she is subjected to several tales of Squirrel Girl told by common liars.

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Mary Posa is the average millennial, she works at a job that she dislikes and barely makes enough to meet her rent payments. Her attempts to find another job constantly fail, forcing her to remain at the job that she is in: a henchgirl for the villainous Butterfly Gang. Recently, I came across an article that discussed that the average person needs a minimum wage of $20 an hour to live comfortably in New York, so I am sure that many readers, including myself, can understand Mary’s decision to turn to a life of crime.

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The Hate U Give

#Alllivesmatter writes the privileged white boy triggered by the BLM that floods his timeline. He shakes his head, appalled by the fact that people believe that one race’s life is of higher importance than another. He shakes his head, ignorant of people like, Eric Garner. People like Trayvon Martin. People like Jordan Edwards. Unknowingly, his hashtag – what he believes to be all inclusive – is silencing thousands of voices, and continuing the cycle of hate. The Hate U Give, deeply inspired by Tupac’s”Thug Life,” is a novel that I would purchase in a heartbeat for this man to read. In fact from now on, when I see the #Alllivesmatter hashtag resurface, I will send the user a link to purchase this book. We should run a campaign that for each time this hashtag appears, we donate a copy of this book to a library or something. The Hate U Give is a novel that expresses the importance of the BLM movement and why it is far from finished.

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How To Be Black

On my most recent trip to Barnes and Noble, my boyfriend and I were on the quest to finally obtain a copy of Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance, a book that we have been meaning to read together for a while now. We found two copies but the covers were badly damaged so we were escorted to the Humor section to find some more. While waiting for the associate to check the back stock, I began to scan through the shelves and found How To Be Black. As I glossed through the first two pages, I found myself laughing (out loud) for real, not the “I will type lol with a stone cold face” way. This was enough to warrant its purchase.

I can imagine how it appeared. Me, a white girl, walking alongside my black boyfriend, carrying a book entitled How To Be Black. Will I be undergoing some initiation to further our relationship? Is it mere anthropological research? Or am I dating him as a mere cover for my desire to be of another race? And that is exactly the beauty of the book, and we are only discussing its title. The uneasiness that it evokes clearly demonstrates that we do not exist in this postracial fallacy that we desperately want to exist. Race continues to drive institutions and society itself. Racism exists.  Continue reading