We Should Hang Out Sometime

Josh is on a mission: why has he never had a girlfriend? The plan is simple, recall all the close encounters that he has had with women to determine what went wrong. What about him caused them to never take the plunge for the title of boyfriend and girlfriend? Each chapter is devoted to one almost-but-not-quite-girlfriend with their name being the title. After reviewing the background of each lucky lady, Josh comes up with a hypothesis as to why their relationship never bloomed. These hypotheses typically involve some type of self-deprecation on his behalf: Subject was interested but due to some mishap on his end and/or his awkward personality, she lost interest. Josh then arranges a meeting with each woman to hear their side of the story. Ironically, most of them wanted to be in a relationship with him- aside from one rather awkward encounter in which the woman was unable to recall the events between the two of them. The answers that they provide are not necessarily fulfilling to Josh or the reader, and his attempts to reconnect are met with failure, but this is the real world. Continue reading

Outcast Vol. 3 This Little Light

When someone is possessed the demon will use that person’s likeliness to fool their loved ones. When Megan is possessed the demon attempts to lure her husband, and this, of course, works. Mark rushes over to Megan, believing that she is being harmed by Kyle. However, as soon as he walks over, Megan WHO IS POSSESSED lunges at him. Through the confrontation, Mark plummets through the window.

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Monstress Vol. 1 Awakening

While working on my thesis and discussing the lack of Asian American superheroes in mainstream comics, and in turn, the gap that still exists among female and male superheroes, my professor recommended Monstress to me. After taking many courses with her, I knew that she would not steer me wrong so I picked up a copy – yet I did not get a chance to sit down and read it until two nights ago. Continue reading

Steven Universe Vol.2

I am not an artist nor do I have any desire to ever pursue a career in which drawing of any type is involved. This is not because I frown upon the career, rather it is quite the opposite. I could only dream of drawing an image that actually depicted what I attempted it to – you know, instead of drawing an elephant and having it mistaken for a drawing of a tree and then going along with it because it is so much easier than admitting to the failure of a drawing. So then I become known as the girl who can draw trees insanely well – to the point that a well-known art magazine contacts me to draw them a picture, but when I try to draw the tree again, it ends up looking like an elephant and then everyone discovers that my life is a sham. The point of this is, I cannot draw. Because of this, I always feel guilty when I judge any type of artwork – who am I to criticize someone over what I cannot even do? That’s like someone who cannot even sing judging someone else’s singing. I was grappling with this concern during the first volume; however, after finishing the second volume, I have to admit, I am not a fan of Coleman Engle’s chosen art style for the series: Continue reading