Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Guts

I hate hardcover books.

I especially hate hard cover books with sleeves because I have to remove them to preserve them.

I especially especially hate when a series that I own does not have the same format. It must be all paperback, or all hardcover.

My first volume of Wonder Woman is paperback. This volume is hardcover.

I went against my morals because I could not wait.

Freud, Roseanne and Fairy Tales

In this statement, Freud conveys that the long-lasting appreciation of Shakespeare’s Oedipus Rex stems from our ability as viewers and readers to relate to Oedipus’ destiny. In fact, our destiny is that of Oedipus, we have an infantile sexual desire for our mothers and wish to murder our fathers (for women this is later suggested to be the other way around and is entitled the Electra complex). When reading this, I could not help but recall a scene from the sitcom Roseanne in which Darlene’s boyfriend, David, who lives with the Connor family has a dream involving him having sex with Darlene’s mother.