7:15 PM

What goes up, must come down, that is what gravity teaches us. If I were to jump in the air, I have the reassurance that my jump will conclude with me returning to the ground rather than remaining indefinitely in the air. Yet even though gravity teaches us this mantra, we find ourselves bewildered when we reach a low point in our lives. Do we, as human beings, find ourselves immune to the laws of the universe? Gravity is a force that applies to us in every way imaginable, so why not apply its philosophy to our emotional state? If we view happiness as an “up” and sadness as a “down,” then it all makes sense.


Hello Stranger, I seem to have caught your stare, please come inside. There is something about you, I cannot bare the distance between us. Something is pulling me in. It seems that you have your own gravitational pull. Here I thought the Earth orbited around the Sun, but it appears that I find my world revolving around you. This feeling frightens me. This feeling, that I, an independent woman, am dependent on you. Without you, I would be a little less of me. I suppose that means that there is a piece of me in you, as well as a piece of you in me, maybe that is why I am so drawn to you, our pieces have their own magnetic pulls.

10:48 PM

Love supposedly has no boundaries, yet many people jump at the opportunity to tell you who to love and how to love them. Now, they may have good intentions, and believe that they have your best interests, but they should not criticize who you love. I understand that people look out for one another and that there are circumstances in which an unbiased eye is needed, but unfortunately, ignorance is often the culprit. What if your partner is everything in your wildest dreams and more?

If You Read This, Would You Even Know Its About You?

Temptation strikes me, but then I look at you.

You have no filter, your words are bacteria-infected. You do not have time to feel their acidity because you launch them out onto others the minute the thought enters your mind. It’s so easy to allow the words to flow out effortlessly, and then to simply recant your statement with, “You know how I am.”

Yes, I do.

Which is why I refuse to be you.

Selfish and Selfless

Lately, I have been questioning why I choose to perform good deeds. Is it because I am expecting something in return? Or is it out of pure kindness and generosity? I would like to say that I help others without expectations, but I know that isn’t entirely true. Nonetheless, I think that there are very few people who do good deeds without having any expectations. I believe that I mainly do good out of kindness, however there is a tiny part of me that can’t help but to expect some good in return.


I am not a replacement, nor are you. We are not merely fillers that will occupy a space that was once held by someone else. See, the problem with being a replacement is that, as a replacement, you are merely re-creating memories or feelings that occurred prior. You are not adding substance, and therefore you are not cementing yourself within that person’s life. As a replacement, you are simply glazing over and smoothing out the bumps by someone else.

11:56 PM

What is at the core of our essence? What is it that makes us inherently and inevitably human? It is actually quite a riddle because it is this very aspect that both unites and divides us. Although it creates humanity, it also breeds destruction. Do you know the answer? If not, don’t fret, it is probably because I am not making myself clear enough.