The Cost of Gold

He cloaked her in gold,

For all to behold.

Little knowing that silver remained underneath

If he only took the time to chisel beneath

the surface.

She, too, remained unaware

Desperately hoping to earn a stare

Of meaning from him.

Standing for all to see, whispering the hymn:

“all that glitters is not gold.”

His only jewelry is silver.

A locket he keeps close

to his heart,

While her armor of gold only

tore them apart.

On Aging and Nostalgia

This once tasted so sweet.

Foolish me, I thought wine became more refined

With aging –

But now as it touches my lips

I am only left with bitterness.

I should have savored the initial flavor.

Yet now I am left with a taste

That only reminds me of the one that I let go to waste.

The wine’s familiar aroma always makes me forget this melancholic aftertaste.


16 Days Ago

I learned the hard way

That friends can break your heart too

And that it hurts more

Than losing a lover.

For lovers are meant to leave –

We have a phrase to depict it:

Break Up.

Yet there is nothing to encompass

A friend leaving you.

Mr. Jay’s

I drove by Mr. Jay’s today.

There were ten lawn mowers outside.

I came back the next day.

They were


I wonder what happens at Mr. Jay’s.