Steven Universe Vol.1

Steven Universe has gradually earned the prestigious title of my favorite cartoon. From the animation and character designs to its quirkiness and often emotional depth, the series has managed to tug at my heart strings and constantly leaving me in an unsatisfied state. Not unsatisfied like a Yelp review complaining about customer service, but unsatisfied as in the feeling you get after getting off of a roller coaster that you waited on line for over an hour to ride – you just want more. With this feeling intensifying, I decided to check out the comic.

Birds of Prey Vol. 2

As I finish the final page, I close the book and look at the back cover: “Breaking Heart and Busting Heads!” C’mon! I know that I am not the only person who immediately thinks of another word that could stand in place for “Heads!” Whether this was the publisher’s intention, I will never know, therefore I will turn my attention to what I do know – the inside pages.

Birds of Prey Vol. 1

Minor Disclaimer: Before reading this book, I thought that I had a copy of a recent rendition of Birds of Prey – yet after completing this book and looking a bit more into it, I discovered that this is merely a reprint of the 1999 series. This does not change the dynamics of the comic much, but it drastically affects me as an avid comic book reader whom constantly searches for progress in the industry. Therefore, forgive me if my criticism reads as harsh as I have higher expectations for representation of women in today’s comics (although still problematic) than I do for the late 90’s.

Bringing Shakespeare Back

As a teacher in high school, I find that these books can be used to bridge the gap between Shakespeare and the modern reader. Shakespeare’s language can be intimidating for students, but once they overcome it they begin to realize that within the Early Modern English lies very modern ideas. When I taught Romeo and Juliet for the first time, my students were fortunate enough to have access to a dual book, allowing them to transition between both languages.

My Recent [And Warranted] Purchase

For some reason, I haven’t been exposed to “the classics,” as I found myself primarily taking elective courses that focused on contemporary novels aside from my mandatory survey courses. In the survey classes, we learned from anthologies, so I read bits and pieces of different classics but rarely a classic in its entirety. I seem to have more knowledge in contemporary texts, which is why I enrolled in summer courses that focus on readings I am “expected” to know.

Wonder Woman Vol.6 Bones

As you may or may not know, I have took a vow that I would not buy a new book until I have read all the books that I have owned. That being said, I was reluctant to reaching my last volume of Wonder Woman because I was not sure if this volume was the conclusion for the story arc that I have became so deeply invested in. Yet, I am happy to note that this volume is the last installment of the series and that I will not have to break my vow because of a cliffhanger!