16 Days Ago

I learned the hard way

That friends can break your heart too

And that it hurts more

Than losing a lover.

For lovers are meant to leave –

We have a phrase to depict it:

Break Up.

Yet there is nothing to encompass

A friend leaving you.

9:44 PM

I put you under fire,

But my plan was a backfire.

Instead of firing back,

I watched you turn you back

On me,

On everything we could be.


People always talk about will-power when it comes to dieting. How difficult it must be to restrict yourself from your favorite foods. You must prevent yourself over-indulging in that chocolate cake or the 9 oz. sirloin. Everyone knows that will-power is often associated with hunger, yet how come we only discuss will-power when it comes to the hunger for food? How come no one discusses will-power when it comes to dealing with people? People fill a different kind of hunger, one that is innate in every human being; the inescapable feeling of loneliness.