Broken Strings

How does this still strike a chord?

When our strings have been long broken?

When there was never harmony in our melody?

Yet I always was tone deaf. 

A Landmark Case

He wanted to be an architect but after college he began to work in construction, where the jobs were sporadic but his wife loved it. She loved watching how seemingly insignificant objects could transform into massive structures. To him, she was architecturally beautiful. Upon having the blueprints of her revealed to him, he concluded that she could never be replicated. He loved every inch of her, even her imperfections, if he had the chance he would have declared her as a landmark so that she would remain unchanged.

7:03 PM

Would it be selfish for me to ask

You to stay,

When I know that you no longer

See me the same way?

I suppose I could be more selfless

And think of myself less.

Yet the truth is

There is no I without you.