A Feeling of Drunkenness

I have never been drunk from an alcoholic beverage,

I suppose that gives you some type of leverage.

When I see you, a feeling of drunkenness begins to strike

Me. This is the type of intoxication that I like.

I feel it now, my words begin to slur,

Everything around us becomes a mere blur.

I hear the sound of clashing wine cups in

My head. Sobriety is quickly exiting my skin.

I drink your words, your scent, your existence, until the very last

Drop. I remember the empty glass

Of my heart, only filled by the sweet wine

Composed of your eyes, lips, and hands meeting mine.

To you I toast and drink,

By you, I am drunk. I clink

My glass with that belonging to you,

Secretly hoping that I will intoxicate you too.