Steven Universe Vol.2

So then I become known as the girl who can draw trees insanely well – to the point that a well-known art magazine contacts me to draw them a picture, but when I try to draw the tree again, it ends up looking like an elephant and then everyone discovers that my life is a sham. The point of this is, I cannot draw. Because of this, I always feel guilty when I judge any type of artwork – who am I to criticize someone over what I cannot even do?

Steven Universe Vol.1

Steven Universe has gradually earned the prestigious title of my favorite cartoon. From the animation and character designs to its quirkiness and often emotional depth, the series has managed to tug at my heart strings and constantly leaving me in an unsatisfied state. Not unsatisfied like a Yelp review complaining about customer service, but unsatisfied as in the feeling you get after getting off of a roller coaster that you waited on line for over an hour to ride – you just want more. With this feeling intensifying, I decided to check out the comic.