Wonder Woman Vol.6 Bones

As you may or may not know, I have took a vow that I would not buy a new book until I have read all the books that I have owned. That being said, I was reluctant to reaching my last volume of Wonder Woman because I was not sure if this volume was the conclusion for the story arc that I have became so deeply invested in. Yet, I am happy to note that this volume is the last installment of the series and that I will not have to break my vow because of a cliffhanger!

Wonder Woman Vol.5 Flesh

Apollo once again lures three women into becoming oracles to tell him about the First Born. We get a repeated history of First Born, but this time we find out what happens after Hera begs the witch to spare him. He essentially becomes an R-rated version of Tarzan as he is taken in by a pack of wolves, lives, hunts, and breeds with them, yet his “contempt ate away his contentment” and he eventually conquers the world. Normally, villains’ efforts continuously remain in vain as they always come so close to taking over the world and one minor slip up ruins it all, but First Born is a different story.

Wonder Woman Vol.3 Iron

So this volume grants us with a little more back-story for both Wonder Woman and War.

It is young Diana’s birthday and she steals a Minotaur’s egg. Apparently, the custom of the Amazons is to bring Hippolyta a “suitable present,” or else the passing will not be acknowledged. Basically, birthdays suck for Amazons. They have to put their life in danger to give someone else a present on their birthday. Oh, and if the present is not good enough, congratulations, you will be referred to as a 12 year-old even though you are 13.

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Guts

I hate hardcover books.

I especially hate hard cover books with sleeves because I have to remove them to preserve them.

I especially especially hate when a series that I own does not have the same format. It must be all paperback, or all hardcover.

My first volume of Wonder Woman is paperback. This volume is hardcover.

I went against my morals because I could not wait.