The Hate U Give

#Alllivesmatter writes the privileged white boy triggered by the BLM that floods his timeline. He shakes his head, appalled by the fact that people believe that one race’s life is of higher importance than another. He shakes his head, ignorant of people like, Eric Garner. People like Trayvon Martin. People like Jordan Edwards. Unknowingly, his hashtag – what he believes to be all inclusive – is silencing thousands of voices, and continuing the cycle of hate. The Hate U Give, deeply inspired by Tupac’s”Thug Life,” is a novel that I would purchase in a heartbeat for this man to read. In fact from now on, when I see the #Alllivesmatter hashtag resurface, I will send the user a link to purchase this book. We should run a campaign that for each time this hashtag appears, we donate a copy of this book to a library or something. The Hate U Give is a novel that expresses the importance of the BLM movement and why it is far from finished.

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This is Where it Ends

Even though I made a vow, I found myself purchasing a new book – but, I believe that this purchase was justified. My brother and I were both interested in this book so I decided – being the generous older sister that I am – that I would purchase the book for both of us to read.

I know that we are told to never, ever judge a book by its cover. It is one of the cardinal rules of being an English major, but I have to admit that I judged this book by the cover, initially. Please forgive me my fellow brethren! Continue reading